5 ways to spot an All-Talk Guy

On my recent travels through the weathered wasteland that is dating apps in late 2022, I have made a discovery. It seems there exists a new form of man, one that I have yet to come across before. In fact, one I never even fathomed to exist. And who are these gentlemen? What I like to call All-Talk Guys. All-Talk Guys, or ATGs, are a rare variety of men who you will probably never meet in person. Why? Because, by definition, they will talk and talk and talk about how much they want to see you,

Here’s how to avoid posting Instagram stories like a Millennial

It seems typical that just when a generation feels like they have a handle on something, the rug is pulled out from underneath them. Beauty dos and don’ts, hair styles, how to pose - all trends that come and go, yet spark a whole lotta commentary while they stick around. And the latest medium to cause a ruckus? The humble Instagram story. So fleeting, so once-uncurated, so…simple? Apparently not. This week a Gen Z creator by the name of @channingstatum (who also goes by Nicole) has taken aim
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